So I have added a new page to my blog with my list of 101 things that want to do in the next 1001 days- finishing on the 26th of October 2012! Althoiugh this blog is mainly for my cakes, I wanted to share my list as motivation for me to actually get everything done!
I have started on  couple of the things already and I am hoping to blog about my progress when I complete them.

No 30. - Watch at least 100 movies that I haven't seen yet
So me and Chris watched 'The Rock' which has Nicholas Cage and Sean Connerystarring and we both thought it was an awesome movie! I ws sceptical at first and was doing other things while it was playing but then I was so excited about the movie! Would definately recomend it!
We also watched Due Date with Robert Downey Jr starring. I thought that it was a good movie and got a few laughs but was not majorly awesome!

No 32. - Visit an art gallery and museum, both at least once every 3 months
On the 2nd of Feb my best friend Jasmine  and me went to the Aberdeen Art Gallery. We were hoping to see a new exhibition of some of Van Gogh's private collections, but we were 2 days early so we just checked out the rest of the gallery!

No 37. - Go to the theatre and pantomine for a play at least twice
On the same day as the art gallery we went to see a one man show of sherlock holmes. I hadn't been to a one man show before but I was pleasantly surprised! :)