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Friday, 27 July 2012

postheadericon Barman's Knock

This post is long overdue! The last night out that I had before leaving Aberdeen and coming over to the States was one with my best friend Jasmine and we decided to do one thing that was on my list: the Barman's Knock.
The rules of this pub crawl are pretty simple: simply go to your favourite bar and order your favourite drink. The ask the bar person who served you what their favourite bar is and their favourite drink is there and follow their instructions. This goes on until either you get too drunk, it is the end of the night or you run out of money- This is the kind of pub crawl that can get expensive if a bar man says a posh hotel with champagne! Luckily this did not happen to us though!

So we did this in Aberdeen centre and I loved it! Would definately do it again- you get to try new drinks that you may have not otherwise tried and visit places that you may just skip on normal nights out. The reactions of the bar person are also fun as they are usually so taken back at being asked this question but anyway this is how our night went when doing the Barman's Knock:

First up we choose to go to Archibald's Simpsons for our favourite place and Jasmine had a gin and tonic whilst I choose to drink a peach snapps and lemonade:

The bar lady there choose for us to go to a bar called Tonik to have a vodka and diet coke. This was a pretty boring choice but on that night the drinks were 65p so we couldn't really complain!

Here we got told to go right next door to Paramount to try a shot that for the life of me I can't remember! That's how good it was =P All I know is that it had some sort of fruity liqueur and black vodka in it. But it did look pretty:

The bar man here was lovely and also choose for us to try us a drink at Society that we both had never tried, nor thought to try before called Cafe Patron. Maybe it was just the night but after telling the bar people the game they were a lot friendlier to us....or maybe that was just me thinking that!

This was a coffee flavoured tequila that would generally be served on ice after a nice meal. At first we were skeptical; I dislike coffee and Jasmine dislikes tequila so for us it sounded pretty disgusting! However we were pleasantly surprised! I would definately buy it to have for after a dinner party! The bar man changed the tone of the night however buy saying his favourite place was Korova and he would drink Tennants;

One of my nightmares had happened! I would have to drink beer! Although I have gotten used to the taste of beer now, this was a challenge for me! The bar lady although she choose beer at the Moorings, she made it coconut flavour, very exciting!

The bar lady here was someone who seemed to find her own bar the only bar that she would actually drink at given the choice; she did not seem to like Aberdeen bars that much! But since she had to play the game she said the Prince of Wales and drinking Bulmers:

Maybe it was all of the other drinks or maybe it was just because Bulmers tastes absolutely not nice but I was definately finished after trying this!

I would definately reccomend doing this game! Even if you have lived in your city for ages, you will take more of a touristy view on the nightlife plus try different drinks!
Saturday, 21 July 2012

postheadericon Trainer Cake

This is my first carved, 3d cake and my first shoe cake that I have done!

It was for my boss as a belated birthday and a well done for completing the Edinburgh marathon cake and a shoe seemed like a cool idea. I actually spent most of the time on this cake comtemplating how I would do it and ended up making a template from my own shoe for the shape and carving the cake so this cake would probably fit a size 5-6 foot!

AHH! Crack appeared when moving the cake!

It was a carrot cake with a cream cheese frosting with marshmallow fondant to decorate. I tried to make it a wee bit healthier but substituting apple for some of the butter in the cake batter and using cream cheese instead of butter in the icing and it seemed to actually work.

The NIKE word and logo on the heel was mainly to try and cover up a couple of cracks from putting on the fondant.
I finally got to use the stitching tool that my mum got me for christmas to add in the stiching to the added pieces of fondant so I was super excited as the tool I got worked really easily and the 'stitching' effect turned out quite well.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

postheadericon 101 in 1001 Update

So I thought that I would do a wee update on my progress with my 101 things in 1001 days list.

30. Watch at least 100 movies that I have not seen yet;

I can't believe that I had not seen this movie before! This and the next 3 movies are ones that I watched on the 10 hour plane journey to the US. I thought this movie was fabulous, the dancing was awesome and the playlists put me in such a good mood!

This movie was one that I just happened to see because I had been curious about it since it came out though never got around to actually watching it. I thought that it was a good family movie, not anything too special but who doesn't like Puss in Boots? =P

 I hadn't heard of this movie before the plane ride but since it was a comedy I decided to give it a watch and I am very glad that I did because I really enjoyed it! I really like the actor Aziz Ansari since watching Parks and Recreation so it was cool to see him in this. The film was very good; in some ways it reminded me of Pineaple Express due to the crazy storylines although maybe not as funny.

I had heard of this before but not bothered to go and see it but holy moly I totally wish that I had! I loved this movie! Steve Carrell, Emma Stone and *swoon* Ryan Gosling starred in this Rom Com and so it was a pretty fabulous movie!

I have been told to watch this movie for about 3 years since the last time that I came to the States but I only got around to watching it before this trip. To say that I was terrified about travelling by myself after watching this is an understatement =P However I did like the actual movie. The only debate that I have been having now is who is more awesome- Liam Neeson, Jack Bauer, Jason Bourne or John McClane??? =P

Now I have seen the first Men in Black, though I was very young and don't quite remember it and I am pretty sure that I have not seen the second one so I can't say how the third movie compared to the 2 previous movies. However it was fairly easy to follow the movie and I found it to be a good movie.

 This was a Sacha Baron Cohen typical type of movie, filled with spoofy stereotypes. For an easy watching and amusing movie this was a good choice!

29. Read at least 50 new books;

I am pretty sure that I had to read this book when I was in High School but I don't remember actually reading it, just watching the movie and I don't even remember much of that! But anyway my best friend gave me this book as part of my going away present! Very exciting! The book was good and made me feel like I was in a different era. One day I wish that I would be able to host parties the way that Gatsby did however I hope that I would not feel as alone as he did. Although it was a good book, by the end I was feeling very sorry for Gatsby.


I will be doing a part 2 of my update since this post is going to be very long already!

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