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Saturday, 28 April 2012

postheadericon Hey Mambo! Mambo Italiano!

Last week I went to see the Rat Pack Tribute with Chris and it was amazing!

I hadn't previously got into the Rat Pack, only watching the songs that Chris has made me watched but after that night I am in love with them =D By far, Sammy Davis Jr was the best- as well as singing he brought out his tap shoes for a number and was very talented. All of them certainly had well tuned pipes. I guess that the only thing I would have wanted was more songs- there was an opening act of three sisters and although they were very good, there wasn't as much time with the Rat Pack, so they didn't sing 'Ain't that a kick in the head' and 'Come fly with me' but it was still a lovely evening =D

For now I am holding out for a young Frank Sinatra to seranade me....=D 
But until that happens I shall settle for listening to him, hope you enjoy these songs =D


Monday, 23 April 2012

postheadericon Lazy blogger...


I have been a stranger the last few weeks although it is mainly because I have dissertation stress! And the day before my dissertation I have another essay to hand in! But after Thursday I will be done with dissertation, very hungover and ready to cake and blog again!

Sorry for being lazy but since I have nothing to post about for just now have some fun pictures that I am finding amusing/helping to distract me from my dissertation.....

I love these dwight facts!

Incase you don't have time for the gym! Haha!

On a bit of a Rat Pack high now :)

Can't wait until Thursday for some of this! =D

There's really no point in making cake if you can't lick the spoon....=P

Funny animals are always funny....

Forever love Harry Potter!


Once I have spare time after Uni work is done I shall have a proper update and hopefully soon a new cake =D
Sunday, 8 April 2012

postheadericon Chickpea pasta!

I am actually trying to keep up with the eating vegetarian every so often and the meals aren't tasting toooo bad :) This was a pretty quick and easy vegetarian meal to do for during the week when you can't be bothered to spend ages cooking something. All that is in it is pasta, chickpeas, spinach and chopped tomatoes. Simply cook the pasta, add the chickpeas and tomatoes for 5-10 minutes and for the last couple of minutes add in the spinach. I think I actually used frozen just because I had some kicking about but fresh or frozen is fine :)

 Again, any suggestions for vegetarian foods are always welcome :D

Sunday, 1 April 2012

postheadericon Sesame Street Cupcakes

So while at work on Saturday I found out that one my work mates had just moved house, so clearly a baking opportunity ;)

 I was originally going to make house cupcakes but then I saw lots of cupcakes that people had made using the faces of the sesame street characters. It seemed like a lot more fun even if it has nothing to do with moving houses haha! But moving can be quite stressful and seeing a crazy face on a cupcake hopefully would cheer people up :)

They were quite fun to make although I didn't get to spend as much time decorating the cakes and I ended up finishing them off the morning of work as I was running late as usual! I only managed to do the faces on 6 of the cupcakes:

They were a chocolate cake that I have used before and judging from the reactions I think it will be my go to chocolate cake. I didn't have a filling for it but because they were small cupcakes with a vanilla buttercream, I don't think that they needed it.

The main problem with these cupcakes was the buttercream. I am not sure if I did something wrong or if it was too hot but the buttercream kept separating a wee bit. I guess it will take a few more practises :)

My favourite was definately cookie monster, mainly because I think that I am most like him in real life haha! Although I actually didn't used to watch Sesame Street as a kid!

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