Last week I went to see the Rat Pack Tribute with Chris and it was amazing!

I hadn't previously got into the Rat Pack, only watching the songs that Chris has made me watched but after that night I am in love with them =D By far, Sammy Davis Jr was the best- as well as singing he brought out his tap shoes for a number and was very talented. All of them certainly had well tuned pipes. I guess that the only thing I would have wanted was more songs- there was an opening act of three sisters and although they were very good, there wasn't as much time with the Rat Pack, so they didn't sing 'Ain't that a kick in the head' and 'Come fly with me' but it was still a lovely evening =D

For now I am holding out for a young Frank Sinatra to seranade me....=D 
But until that happens I shall settle for listening to him, hope you enjoy these songs =D