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Thursday, 2 June 2011

postheadericon End of exam cupcakes!

These were made after the exam period for my boyfriend and also for me since I missed being in the kitchen =P They were plain vanilla cupcakes and I decided to experiment with filling a cupcake. There are two ways that you can fill a cupcake: once the cake has cooled stick the piping tip in the cake and pipe the filling in. This is what I did with a dark chocolate fudge filling. As you can see this way doesn't put a lot of filling in the cake. The other way is to cut out the top in the shape of a triangle, fill the cupcake with the filling and then put the top back on, cutting a little off to accommodate the filling. This is what I will do the next time! This is the first time that I have managed to put a swirl with butter cream on a cupcake, makes it look pretty =D
Tuesday, 17 May 2011

postheadericon Flatmate's 22nd


This was made for my flatmates birthday so I made a 2 tiered cake with all his favourite things; He is always sitting on the couch with a duvet playing computer games and watching tv, some of his favourite foods, letters made in runescape style with an axe and sword from the game, his tattoo of the deathly hallows, juggling balls, diablo, poker chips and cards. These were all made of Marshmallow Fondant as well as the cake although I was not as happy with the fondant on the cake as it wasn't as smooth as I had hoped. The cake was an apple cake which was a bit of an experiment but everyone seemed to like it so shall definitely be using the recipe again!
Monday, 16 May 2011

postheadericon Mother's Day Cake

This cake was the same chocolate cake for my valentine's cake and my mum definitely approved of the cake! This is one of those cakes when I was actually impressed with what I had made and although I don't like tea, I definitely wanted to get stuck in. The writing was butter cream but everything else was fondant. I couldn't get a brown colour in the fondant which is why the tea looks slightly murky =P The only problem was that the fondant bows, cracked quite a lot but it managed to survive the bus to my mum!  

postheadericon Some cakes from the past few months.....

Warning: The photos don't do the cakes justice since I only had my phone camera on hand but luckily I have found my digital camera for the next cakes that I will do!

 Valentine's Cake

I know, I know, super corny but this was the cake that I made for my boyfriend's valentines day =D
Instead of buying a box of chocolates, I thought that I would get a little bit more creative. The cake was chocolate, though it was supposed to have raspberry puree in it but it didn't turn out as strong as I had hoped. He doesn't like buttercream so instead I dyed whipped cream for the border and filling as well as jam. The chocolates were 3 different types that I tempered with; dark chocolate truffles, milk chocolate with digestives in them and white chocolate with coconut. And the chocolate dipped strawberries were just because I like them =P

Pizza Cake

As I am currently working in a pizza shop what could be better to give my work mates but cake! Pizza cake for that matter! This was just a plain vanilla cake since I wasn't sure what people liked and the decorations were done as usual in the nick of time, with me turning up still with icing sugar over me =P
This was my first time putting fondant all over the cake by using Marshmallow Fondant and the 'toppings' were also the same but with grated white chocolate as the 'cheese'. I think it made the evening go by a little faster than usual at work =]

Wine Bottle Cake

This was made for my a couple of my friend's wine tasting party and I took inspiration from Duff Goldman's cake show 'Ace of Cakes'. Basically, a wine bottle who had too much to drink on a night out and ended up back in bed to sleep it off. The heads beside the bottle represented me and the boyfriend since it was a themed party and we were supposed to be a Dutch and Dutchess. I think the cake was a white chocolate vanilla cake. I used Rice Crispy Treats for the bottle, which was not as hard as I expected but I think I will need some more experiences with it to get the hang of it. I used Marshmallow fondant again and I did the 'quilt' and the stars/moons. My boyfriend did however did all of the cute decorations- the apple, cork, heads, and cheese =D He may be a bit of competition for me when it comes to models! The extra marshmallows were used to hide the imperfections on the bottom, and to represent the 'clouds' when sleeping haha

I shall put up some more cakes later in a separate post!

postheadericon Well hello there =]

Welcome to my blog and my first post!
I am hoping that this will consist of my adventures in the delicious art of cake decorating.
I am just getting started with it but have been learning about cakes with each cake that I do so there will be a lot of experimenting with them which I will hopefully learn from =]

So, a little about me;
My name is Ellen and I am the author of this blog. I haven't yet been on any cake courses though I am hoping to save up so that I can learn more but for now I am just self taught. I love eating cake just as much as baking them and sharing them with the people closest to me, especially my boyfriend who has the job of tasting all the cakes I make, good or bad =P
Last January was when I decided that I wanted to do cake decorating properly when I made a cake for my best friend's 21st. Despite the cake not turning out as planned, I realised that I wanted to learn how I could have made it better and now I hope to make each cake better than the last, though that is easier said than done! 
I am currently at university and nearly in my last year and currently have two part time jobs so will be trying to squeeze in cake making somehow as well.
If you have any questions, want to comment on my cakes (would appreciate the input!) or just want to say hi, feel free to leave me a comment!

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