Warning: The photos don't do the cakes justice since I only had my phone camera on hand but luckily I have found my digital camera for the next cakes that I will do!

 Valentine's Cake

I know, I know, super corny but this was the cake that I made for my boyfriend's valentines day =D
Instead of buying a box of chocolates, I thought that I would get a little bit more creative. The cake was chocolate, though it was supposed to have raspberry puree in it but it didn't turn out as strong as I had hoped. He doesn't like buttercream so instead I dyed whipped cream for the border and filling as well as jam. The chocolates were 3 different types that I tempered with; dark chocolate truffles, milk chocolate with digestives in them and white chocolate with coconut. And the chocolate dipped strawberries were just because I like them =P

Pizza Cake

As I am currently working in a pizza shop what could be better to give my work mates but cake! Pizza cake for that matter! This was just a plain vanilla cake since I wasn't sure what people liked and the decorations were done as usual in the nick of time, with me turning up still with icing sugar over me =P
This was my first time putting fondant all over the cake by using Marshmallow Fondant and the 'toppings' were also the same but with grated white chocolate as the 'cheese'. I think it made the evening go by a little faster than usual at work =]

Wine Bottle Cake

This was made for my a couple of my friend's wine tasting party and I took inspiration from Duff Goldman's cake show 'Ace of Cakes'. Basically, a wine bottle who had too much to drink on a night out and ended up back in bed to sleep it off. The heads beside the bottle represented me and the boyfriend since it was a themed party and we were supposed to be a Dutch and Dutchess. I think the cake was a white chocolate vanilla cake. I used Rice Crispy Treats for the bottle, which was not as hard as I expected but I think I will need some more experiences with it to get the hang of it. I used Marshmallow fondant again and I did the 'quilt' and the stars/moons. My boyfriend did however did all of the cute decorations- the apple, cork, heads, and cheese =D He may be a bit of competition for me when it comes to models! The extra marshmallows were used to hide the imperfections on the bottom, and to represent the 'clouds' when sleeping haha

I shall put up some more cakes later in a separate post!