I have seen quite a few of these on other people's blogs and I was inspired! I actually started this last Sunday while I was working (29th of Jan 2012) and so should be finished on the 26th of October 2014! Some of them will be ongoing, some are silly ones and others are one's that will take a while to complete.

Striked Out are those that are completed!
Red Italics are those that are in progress
21 out of 101 completed! (4/5/13)


1. Go to a country I haven’t been to yet
2. Visit 3 new states in America; North Carolina, New York, New Jersey
3. Visit somewhere new in Britain
4. Visit Harry Potter world and Disney world in Florida again
5. Finally get to Las Vegas
6. Throw a dart at a map of Europe and go to that place

7. Get my weight to a weight I am happy with
9. Take more care of my feet and get a pedicure
10. Stop biting my nails
11. Cook one vegetarian meal a week:
 Vege chilli, Chickpea pasta, Sweet potato chipsVegan Enchiladas
12. Run a 5k
13. Keep up with playing basketball
15. Run a 10k
16. Feel more body confident in a bikini
17. Tone up so I can look good in my Calvin Klein dress
18. Get more confident with swimming

19. Get my tax rebate
20. Save up for Christmas before December comes along
21. Have £1000 into my savings account before summer 2012
22. Manage to get a job in America this summer
23. Put £20 into savings for every goal completed
24. Organise bills, pay checks and other important documents
25. Start a new bank account for money for a house
26. Become completely independent from parents and start to pay them back when I get money to do so
28. While in America get enough money so I can go on a proper shopping spree this time

29. Read at least 50 new books;
-The History Boys- Alan Bennett, The House Husband- Owen Whittaker, The Great Gatsby- F.Scott Fitzgerald, The Wizard of Oz- L.Frank Baum, The Bourne Identity- Robert Ludlum
30. Watch at least 100 movies that I have not seen yet;
-The Rock, Due Date, The Importance of Being Earnest, Daredevil, Up, Death Becomes Her, Lethel Weapen 4, Scary Movie 3, Fight Club, Small Time Crooks, Father of the Bride 2, Thor, Avengers, The Inbetweeners, Footloose, Dictator, Men in Black 3, Taken, Crazy Stupid Love, 30 Minutes of Less, Puss in Boots, Casino Royale, Amazing Spiderman, TED, Flashdance, Scrooged, Bad Santa, The Truman Show, Skyfall, The Hobbit, LOTR 3, The Princess and the Frog, Despicable Me, Ali G in the House, We Bought a Zoo, Here Comes the Boom,
31. Eat at least 25 restaurants that I haven’t been to yet; 
-11/02/2012 'Ketchup' (Glasgow), 'The Maltings' (Perth), Yellow Submarine (NC), New China (NC), Poor Richards (NC), Artegas (NC), Howard's Bar and Grill (NC), Sal's Pizza (NC), Applebees (NC), Uptown Buffett (VA), East Harlem Cafe (NY), Dos Caminos (NY),Cafe Tabou (Perth), McGintys (Aberdeen), Las Iguanas (Aberdeen) Prezzo (Aberdeen)
32. Visit an art gallery and museum- both hopefully once every3 months
-02/02/2012 Vistied Aberdeen Art Gallery, Wright Brother Museum,
33. Plant and keep vegetables and plants
34. Refresh my memory of the piano and learn 2 songs
35. Get to another wine tasting
36. Go to a jazz piano bar
37. Go to the theatre or pantomime for a play or musical more; 
-12/02/2012 Strictly Live Tour! (Glasgow), 13/03/2012 Dirty Dancing (Aberdeen), 21/04/2012 The Rat Pack (Aberdeen), 04/10/12, Improv Shakespeare (New York)
38. Watch 20 documentaries

39. Have a board game dinner party night
40. Take a dance class
41. Go on a picnic
42. Average at least 1 blog posts a week
43. Pick up either an old or new musical instrument again
44. Go to a zoo
45. Buy and wear more matching underwear
46. Visit a theme park I haven’t been to yet
47. Get a professional full body massage
48. Complete a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle
49. Shoot a real gun
50. Have a pancake party
52. Take photos in a photo booth
54. Find a creative thing that I am half decent at; Cards! More Cards!
55. Go over my cocktail course again; be able to memorize and make at least 10 cocktails
56. Sort through my make up and throw out ones that I don’t want and buy new make up
57. Play laser tag
58. Have a karaoke party
59. Host 2 new murder mystery dinner parties
60. Buy a set of cocktail glasses
61. Get a wine rack and fill it (at one point)
62. Find nice pictures for my photo frames
63. Have a themed dinner party (not murder mystery)
64. Go to the circus again
65. Go to an NBA game
66. Buy some new heels and get more used to wearing heels again
67. Do a driving experience
68. Actually have an awesome Halloween costume
69. Go to a comedy night

71. Pass and Graduate from University
72. Learn Spanish, preferably conversional by the time I go to America
73. Do a cake decorating class
74. Research patisserie courses
75. Do a deserts course (even if it is within a culinary course)
76. Get first aid training
77. Go to a class or research myself about business stuff for my career
79. Start learning German again

80. Try 5 new ice cream recipes with my ice cream maker
82. Make 5 new cake flavours that I haven’t tried yet;  
Beetroot and Pistachio, Red Velvet,
83. Make 5 new cake fillings that I haven’t tried yet
84. Try my hand at making and decorating cookies/biscuits, finally!
85. Have someone pay me for my cake, 15th Anniversary Cake!, Cake Pops!
86. Make some homemade bread, Plaited Loaf!
87. Get into making cake pops; First Cake Pops! Marbled Cake Pops! How To Cake Pops!
88. If I do get a bigger kitchen in a new flat, start saving for a kitchen aid mixer

90. Donate blood
91. Do at least 10 random acts of kindness
92. Find 101 micro pleasures; #1+#2,
93. Find and move into a new flat
94. Go to either a wine valley or a beer or whisky distillery
95. Remember birthday cards for family and friends; Cards!, More Cards!
96. Make more of an effort to see my family more
97. Volunteer
98. Write a blog post about the goals I complete
99. Be better at keeping in contact with friends
100.Send a letter or a just-because-present to make someone's day a wee bit brighter

Will add in the missing spaces once I can think of them! =]