So a week today I will have left Nags Head and I will be in New York! As much as I am super excited, I am also super sad to be leaving this town!

I have spent the last 3 months working in a restaurant called the Yellow Submarine- a pizza and sub place with some pretty awesome people. So this blog post is going to be me being all nostalgic about leaving with some photos! The theme of the restaurant is of course the Beatles and the walls were decorated with Beatles memorabilia like

It sure is pretty nice to look around for any Beatles fans out there!
But the most important factor in working here for me was by far the people!

Me, working hard as usual!

Gosia with Laurita and Penny!

Me and the lovely Laurita...muy loca!

Being silly...Justin and Gosia!

Gosita and Julian!

Musti with Zhan and Diana cooking away!

Muy bonitas latinos! Thalia and Laurita!

Kazak girlies; Aida and Akmaral
Anyway, enough nostalgia for doubt once I leave here and then leave the states there will be more photos down memory lane! I can also tick number 53- make new friends off of my list as these people are pretty awesome and I hope that I will be able to meet all of them again! Tomorrow I will be hopefully ticking else something off of my list...I am being taking to the gun range so that I can shoot my first proper gun!

I will leave you with the theme song for this blog post, I mean who doesn't love this song?!