I have come to realize that eating out in America is a big thing and with traveling to different places after a couple of days its hard to settle down, buy foods and cook so it is much more convenient to just eat out.  Obviously the Yellow Submarine was a big part of this...I ate there near enough most days! I have tried to list all the new restaurants that I have tried and remembered on my list but here are a couple that I wanted to mention!

I actually can't believe I haven't been to this before. I am pretty sure that I have been to the restaurants similar to this one but still, I liked it here. I went with a Colombian guy called Julian and another guy called Nelson. The day we went was the independence day of Colombia so we wanted to do something to celebrate. 
Nelson and me celebrating with cocktails

Nelson, Julian and me!

I think by this point I hadn't actually eaten a steak in well over a month so it was steaks all round which went down a treat!

Poor Richards-
This was a sandwich type bar in a town called Manteo which was really lovely and I actually ate at this place twice. The first time though was after the 3rd time going out on my bosses boat. After boating and being in the sun this was like perfection! I got a burger the first time and it was pretty damn good! The second time I went with a guy from work before we decided to go to the aquarium. Roast beef toasted sandwich and a local North Carolina beer, lovely! I have actually forgotten the name of the beer though!

Max wondering what to get

Musti and Max looking like they are enjoying!

Justin...perhaps pondering the meaning of life?

Me and Gosita :)

It is pretty hard to look good while eating!

Uptown Buffett-
This was a cool but very sad experience as this was the last meal that I ate before going to the bus in Virginia and leaving Nags Head =( Austin, Justin and me had spent the evening in Virginia mall drinking a cocktail and a couple of beers since Nelson had to do some things in the Apple store. It was a nice send off before my trip to the Big Apple so I cant complain-it was fun! Therefore by this point we just wanted to eat something. The food was not bad, pretty standard for a Chinese buffett!
Austin, Justin and Nelson

I really wish I could eat out every day, how much fun would that be, with some good company?!