So I have finally managed to tick this off of my list- Shooting a proper gun!

This was a super awesome experience! One of the guys that I work with took me and another guy who had never shot a gun to the gun range to do some clay pigeon shooting. This was for sure a lot harder than how the target shooting was but it was a lot more fun! And I actually managed to hit a couple!

How badass do I look? :D

This is Justin, who was teaching me...he looks even more badass than me and was pretty awesome!

Nelson, getting taught with me, in action!

I had to zoom this one in because I managed to catch a photo of Justin hitting the clay and you can totally see it explode!
Hopefully you can see on this one at the top of the pic- Justin managed to get a photo of me hitting one too!
I actually loved doing this; being out in range and just chilling out was really cool. I think that we were maybe out shooting for just over an hour but for sure it was one of the fastest hours!
This is actually something that I really want to do again, already missing it!