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Sunday, 19 May 2013

postheadericon Healthy! Gluten Free and Vegan 'Rolos'!

Yes that's right- healthy! Not something that you often see on my blog =D

But I wanted to make something for my best friend boyfriend's birthday and since he is a vegan I wanted to make him something sweet! This recipe was stolen from OhSheGlows and I have pretty much used a lot of her recipes-highly recommend them! So these are her Fake Rolos!

Basically 4 ingredients: 200g Dates,  1/2 tbsp peanut butter, 4oz dark chocolate (make sure it is suitable for vegans) and a touch of oil. (I used sunflower oil)

They taste much better than they look!

For the date I softened mines- The first time I tried it, I thought they were soft enough and they were a huge pain to blitz with a hand blitzer! So leave them to soak in a bowl of water and then drain them after a few hours and they are softer. Add the peanut butter to the dates and blitz them until they are smooth. I used a hand processor for this but I would definitely have preferred to use a food processor!

Before rolling them, freeze them for a couple of hours and once you have rolled them into the size and shapes that you want freeze them again. Melt the chocolate and add some oil just to thin it out and make it easier to dip the dates into. I put a ball onto a teaspoon, dipped it in the chocolate, let it drain off a little and popped it only a non stick rolling mat, although onto a piece of greaseproof paper would work too. I usually keep them in the fridge but I think now keeping them in the freezer would be much yummier!

Here is a pic of the finished 'rolos', photo courtesy of Jasmine =D

Saturday, 4 May 2013

postheadericon It's the micro pleasures of life...

Sorry I have not posted this week- this week I have moved out of one flat and into another so I have been non stop with lots of things to do!! I am also starting a new job on Monday so everything seems to be happening at once! I will probably do another post on my new flat just because I am doing lots of work in it. 

Anyway I have come to realize that it really is the small things, the micro pleasures, in life that make us smile while we go our day to day routines.
In order to generally look on the brighter side of life I have decided to add a new something to my 101 list which is to find 101 micro pleasures in my life! I have taken inspiration for this from 2 sources. The first is a book that I got as a present a couple of years ago called "How to be a goddess" by Gisele Scanlon. It is more focused to a girly audience as there is a lot of talk of fashion, shopping and traveling but it does make you cheer up while reading it! The second is from the 1000 awesome things blog, link, which although I started reading a couple of years ago, I was recently reminded of it and started reading again.

So, here are my first couple of micro pleasures;

#1 That moment when you step out of the airport and the heat instantly hits you!

Obviously this only applies to when you are going somewhere that is warmer than where you live, but since i am from Scotland this is not that difficult =P Feeling that heat warming you up cheers me up no matter how long i have been traveling!

#2 Waking up the next morning with no hangover!

We have all been there- after a night out waking up and spending the next day not doing much apart from trying to keep the room from spinning too much! That's why it is the best when you wake up, expecting to feel like death and feeling normal and able to go about your day to day things! It feels like you have just scored an extra proper day!

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