This post is incredibly late as it has already been a couple of weeks since I actually left North Carolina and its only 6 days before I will be saying goodbye to the US and my summer! But my sendoff was pretty special to me and I hope that I will always remember it!

I actually worked on the day that I was leaving until 4pm and I had planned to get driven to the bus station at 5pm. Me being me meant that by the time my shift ended, I had to still close part of my bank account, find a was to print my ticket for the bus, get showered, say goodbyes and make sure I had everything packed- I like to stay as prepared as possible =P The guy who was supposed to be driving me had been driving at 4 in the morning another girl to the airport and lives with my bosses and they hadn't heard from him all day so as well as everything, I had to hope that I did have a lift! How stressful!
I don't know how but I did manage to get everything done, just with a lot of help- the lady at the bank actually printed my ticket off for me after I had ran back home to email it to her and then she thankfully dropped it off at my work so when we stopped by my work after picking up all my things I just picked it up, picked up my jumper that I had almost left and said a quick goodbye to Max and again to everyone else!
Justin had said that since it was his day off he was up for a road trip which would help Nelson actually stay awake on the drive back and Justin's roommate Austin, who I also worked with, decided to come along too! Armed with Starbucks coffee and good music, we were on our way!

Chilling in the back!


We actually got to Virginia a couple hours before my bus left because of shopping at the Apple store. Instead Justin, Austin and I decided to celebrate my time this summer with some drinks!

I am pretty sure this drink was a dirty bong water, not as bad as the name!


Cheers to an awesome summer!
Naturally, playing some football in the parking lot was logical...
They do have some mad skills!
And then after beeing shooed away by the traffic lady, we were going to hit the bus station!
My last photo before boarding the bus...
This photo actually makes me smile so much!
 So then its goodbye North Carolina, hello New York!
Bittersweet, eh? =D