I thought that I would do a wee update on my progress on my 101 things list, which can be viewed on the top of this blog!

Number 30: New movies that I have watched are;
-Lethal weapen 4

I still haven't gotten round to watching the first 3 but this was ace!

-Dare devil

Again, I rather enjoyed this movie. It was a good mix of action and romance and the fight scenes were pretty epic!

-The importance of Being Earnest

I have been trying to get into a more variety of films and this one definitely encouraged me! The cast was sectacular and I would thoroughly recommend it! The storyline was amusing and lighthearted to watch! I have seen a lot of negative reviews about it not living up to the Oscar Wilde play but perhaps unfamiliarity with this play was to my advantage as I didn't see any flaws with it. I would absolutely watch it again!

-Death Becomes Her

I actually missed a wee bit of the start of this movie but I quickly got into it. Meryl Street was pretty good in this I felt although I could not believe that it was Bruce Willis also starring! Without his bare feet and terrorists trying to kill him, I had to keep looking twice at him! =P The storyline was quite interesting although it was not one of my favourite movies!


This movie definitely got me welling up from the first part of the movie! There was a lot of emotions in it but it was also a very entertaining storyline. Don't watch without some tissues though =P

Number 31- Eat at 25 new restaurants- This weekend when I was back home my damily went to the Maltings in Perth. I thought that it was pretty average although the butternut squash and sweet potato soup was super lovely! :)

Number 42: Average 1 blog post a week. I have been doing quite well with keeping up with my posts. I have been doing quite a lot of baking however so once

Number 82: For my Valentine's cake and cupcakes I checked a new cake flavour off of my list as I have never tried to make Red Velvet before. I would definitely recommend and make it again.

Number 89: Bake something every 2 weeks: I made my chocolate brownies! Although I would probably try and find a new recipe for brownies if I make them again.

Number 96: Make more of an effort to see family more- Last weekend was my Gran's 80th brithday (I made the 80th golf cake for this!) So I went home to see my mum's side of the family as they had all come up. Apart from last Christmas I haven't seen most of my aunties and cousins for over at least a year! So it was a lovely reunion, glad that I made the trip home!

Number 98: Write about my list progress- So far so good with this one! Hopefully this will continue while I get busy with university!