For Valentines this year my lovely boyfriend bought me a sushi making kit and bought a few extras that you need to make it. It was very thoughtful and creative since we have been getting into sushi more! My best friend, Jasmine, has made sushi before, successfully, so she came over and we started our sushi quest.
End result:

 We made double this, it was so much sushi!!!

This is all the things that I had to make it:

There is sushi rice (I went and forgot to add it to the photo though!), bamboo mats, sushi vinegar, nori sheets, ginger, soy sauce, wasabi paste.
I would also recommend that you have clingfilm on hand if you are wanting to do the inside out sushi and a sharp knife to cut the rolls.

You have to get your own fillings but it means you can be quite creative with what you fill your sushi with. We didn't go down the raw fish route as although I have tried raw fish, I am not a huge fan =/

The picture shows what I made plus what Jasmine made but I will show you the 3 different rolls that I made!

I didn't get a good enough picture of my first one finished, although on the top photo there are the three of them 2nd from the top (sorry if that didn't make sense!). Obviously too excited that I managed to do it reasonably okay! I filled this with tuna mayo, green peppers and some spring onion.

This is the 2nd one:
Maybe you can just about see the rice is on the outside. This was probably the hardest one to do I think but it looks the most impressive skill-wise. The fillings were prawns, green pepper and spring onions. I think next time on both of them I will try and get a thinner layer of rice.

The third one has the clearest photo I think:

This one I think looks the easiest, the hardest thing being getting the rice in a clear rectangular shape! It is topped with sweet chilli sauce then a crab stick and then some spring onion ( I really do like green pepper and spring onion!)

I was quite happy with my first attempt and they even tasted not bad! I am not sure how often I will make sushi however due to the preparation time but to show off I think it works =P

Would you ever think about making sushi? Have you tried to already? What combinations of fillings do you try and go for?