So I made these partly because I haven't made them in a while and because I haven't baked in a while! I used a recepie that I used previously but just didn't add white chocolate chips because I managed to forget! What a silly sausage!

This can also be ticked off of my number 89- Bake something every two weeks at least.

I haven't yet got into the hang of photographing during the baking process but for next time I will know =D

The pros were that it was sooooo chocolately because as well as cocoa powder, chocolate was also added. I wasn't as happy with the texture of them because they turned out more like a chocolate cake rather than proper brownies with the soft and gooey centre.

My 'analysis' is that this problem is because they were in the oven for a wee bit longer than it should have been, despite me taking them out earlier than the time stated. Next time I will adjust the times and add in the white chocolate chips and hopefully they will turn out much better! =D