This cake was made for my Grannies 80th birthday and since she is an avid golfer, it wasn't a surprise that I got asked to do a golf themed cake.

I had to finish the decorating at my family's home which was very stressful, just by forgetting some things and being in a different kitchen that my usual one.
However I tried to capture the theme as much as I could.

So I had seen this 'jokey' type golf cake before where the person is so mad at the ball being so close to the hole and so I tried to create this by having my Gran angry with a broken 'golf club'. The non-edible things on this cake are the flag post, the golf club and the wee tee that on of the balls are on.

The sandbox I made by cutting out a part of the cake and filling it with digestive biscuits!
The cake is a lemon cake, the same one I made for the sushi cake, with just strawberry jam between the layers and some apricot jam underneath the fondant.

I did try to make raspberry filling the night before but it never set in the fridge! How annoying =( I am not sure why it didn't work so I will have to try it again at another time!

I piped some green buttercream around the bottom of the cake as a wee border to make it look like grass. I ended up forgetting my 'grass' piping tip so I used a small writing tip instead. I did the same around the trees and the sand bit as I quite liked the different textures.

 For once my writing is actually readable and I like it! Obviously my Gran is very good at golf but I thought that I would be a little bit cheeky =P

I did want to add an aligator to the pond however I settled on a lily pad instead =P The bridge was made from marshmallow fondant as well and I just modelled it on one of my rolling pins and let it dry for a couple of hours. Ideally I would have preferred to have made it not so high but ah well!