This cake was made for my best friend Jasmine's 22nd birthday!

I had my exam on the day that wanted to get this cake done by so very stressful! Chris said that he would do a lot of it since I apparantly had to study!
He did the sushi bit, which I thought were so cool and since she was having food at Yo Sushi, it was very appropriate :)

He also made the wee sherlock's hat, bee and the Jasmine flower and made the ebay sign as she loves ebay and the crochet ball! The wee flowers were made using my new flower plunger cutters that got for Christmas, you see the detail too well but they come out looking quite cute I thought :)

Since I only remembered to take a photo once the cake was in the box, I didn't get a chance to photograph the sides which I had written philosophy and film quotes that related to her!

Here is a close up of the sushi board! Since I don't have brown colouring, we tried mixing a couple different colours to get a 'wood' effect, obviously something I will practise more! Didn't Chris do an excellent job with the details of the sushi?! I did make the wasabi green pile though :P