I tried my hand at making a Red Velvet flavoured cake for Valentine's this year and I have to admit I loved it! As well as making a cake for Chris I also made cupcakes- they will be shown in the next post though.

The recipe that I used I had no problems with although I did substitute the white wine vinegar for white rice vinegar, to me it taste bad but next time buy the right vinegar and compare the tastes!

The inspiration that I used for this cake was from a cake lady on cakecentral and here's a link to her cake, I am not sure if this is the original but its where I found the idea!
It's quite appropriate for Chris as he has to put up with my cake addiction!

Here is my version of it:

I quite liked the contrast of the black and the baby pink colour. For the black 'background' I didn't use fondant but instead a cream cheese frosting. They both worked well with the cake and the frosting hardened up nicely! For the hearts I used a cookie cutter but for the letters I carved them out myself. It definitely would have taken half the time if I had an alphabet cutter so I am putting that on my wish list!

 I couldn't figure out how to the the twisting technique for the fondant border to get it even all the way around the border however.
Chris approved of the cake however so I was happy with the result! =D