I have been a stranger the last few weeks although it is mainly because I have dissertation stress! And the day before my dissertation I have another essay to hand in! But after Thursday I will be done with dissertation, very hungover and ready to cake and blog again!

Sorry for being lazy but since I have nothing to post about for just now have some fun pictures that I am finding amusing/helping to distract me from my dissertation.....

I love these dwight facts!

Incase you don't have time for the gym! Haha!

On a bit of a Rat Pack high now :)

Can't wait until Thursday for some of this! =D

There's really no point in making cake if you can't lick the spoon....=P

Funny animals are always funny....

Forever love Harry Potter!


Once I have spare time after Uni work is done I shall have a proper update and hopefully soon a new cake =D