This is my first carved, 3d cake and my first shoe cake that I have done!

It was for my boss as a belated birthday and a well done for completing the Edinburgh marathon cake and a shoe seemed like a cool idea. I actually spent most of the time on this cake comtemplating how I would do it and ended up making a template from my own shoe for the shape and carving the cake so this cake would probably fit a size 5-6 foot!

AHH! Crack appeared when moving the cake!

It was a carrot cake with a cream cheese frosting with marshmallow fondant to decorate. I tried to make it a wee bit healthier but substituting apple for some of the butter in the cake batter and using cream cheese instead of butter in the icing and it seemed to actually work.

The NIKE word and logo on the heel was mainly to try and cover up a couple of cracks from putting on the fondant.
I finally got to use the stitching tool that my mum got me for christmas to add in the stiching to the added pieces of fondant so I was super excited as the tool I got worked really easily and the 'stitching' effect turned out quite well.