So just wanted to post a couple of pics of cake that I had done within the first months of last year. I do find them quite embarrasing because I can see all of the basic mistakes I had made and the amount of things that I should have done to make them look more presentable. But part of this blog was to see how far I am progressing and see the good AND the bad.
This one was made for an 80s themed dinner party that I had around March 2011. Pacman was what I was obsessed with playing so I definately wanted to do an aspect of that in the cake and the rubiks cube just because, well it is completely 80s but I only did 1 'layer' of a cube, my measurements were all off i think! I think until the summer of 2011 I was terrified of using fondant, especially of covering a whole cake and even now I still get it tearing at times, which has to be the absolute worst feeling!
The colour is shocking but I remember I was trying to get the buttercream black but the liquid food colourings are terrible for getting a black colour. Anyway here it is;

I also did one for my best friend and it was a flat warming cake. I decided to go with a frog themed one and I have to say the buttercream colour is not that much better! I made a crucial mistake of using a piping tip that was way too big which meant that the writing was too squished but it says; "I said a hip hop.." because I think I had made them rapping frogs, which you can tell from the arms placement =P and "Congrats on the new pad" (I thought that was a really good phrase there with the frog theme =D). This cake was once of the first times I believe where I got to play about with making 3D fondant figures and the frogs werent the worst that could have happened" I think that Chris may have made the flowers however, they are so pretty!