So at the end of last September me and the boyfriend celebrated being together for a whole 2 years, scary stuff! Hehe :D Obviously the whole way to celebrate would be to make a cake :D I found this one quite difficult as I wanted to create something that represents what we both like as a couple. We do however like to travel and as well we also like to just veg out watching our favourite TV shows. The bottom layer of the cake showed all of the TV shows that we watched and I tried to copy the actual show symbols. The top layer showed our experiences together; the Amsterdam logo and the 'Bols' cocktails, Walt Disney world, Harry Potter World and I also painted a cheesy 'E.I <3 C.C'. *Passes out the sick buckets* hehehe :) The top of the cake was actually painted by Chris and mainly because I think that Disney is super cute and where is there a better couple to aspire to be than Mickey and Minnie mouse =P

Although the fondant wasn't as neat as it should have been, I was happy with the overall cake!