This was for when Chris passed his black belt karate grading, was super duper happy for him! :D
I decided to do a white cake with a 'black belt' around the 2nd and top tier of the cake. I wish that I had spent more time on the outside as usual but my timings are terrible but i piped Congrats on the cake board then 'pow' and other comic book words hehe. I think that it was a chocolate buttercream;

I decided that I would try something different for this cake so that it wouldn't look like a 'boring' cake. Chris loves colours so I decided that I would show all of the colours of the belts that he had gone through in order to get his black. But where would I be able to do this?! Just wait.....

I used the Americolour gel colours and I think that they worked so fabulous! It was a plain white pound cake to start with so it had a good base for the colours but I was still amazed! :D Even though Chris had an inclination of what I was planning for the cake I think he was still surprised :D