Ahh I kind of gave up on the blogging scene but I shall try and keep doing it! Lots of things have been happening since my last post a who half a year ago! Currently in 4th year so everything is GO GO GO but I can't wait until I am finally finished with university :D But during stress of uni, working, moving flats and general life I have managed to keep up my love for cakes :D
1st up is the cake that I made for my amazing boyfriend's, Chris's, 22nd birthday. I organised a surprise day for him; I managed to get his dad and sister to come up from Manchester and they were sat at a table in the Chinese that I took Chris to for his birthday lunch! Later on I had organised a night out with the people who were still in Aberdeen as sadly most of his friends had gone home for the summer :( Despite this however he turned up, we did the 'SURPRISE' and I think that he was indeed surprised :D
The cake was brought out and it was a carrot cake, Chris's favourite. Normally I would do this carrot cake with a cream cheese frosting but Chris is a strange one who doesn't like it so I sticked with a basic buttercream :) Because I was so busy with organising everything, I didn't take good photos before taking the cake to the bar, boo :(
So he is a big fan of snowboarding hence the 'hill' which was supposed to be covered completely in hundreds and thousands as he loves colourful things but they kept falling off, so i did end up giving up hehe. There was a fortune cookie and a chinese plate which is his favourite cuisine. There are 3 different Chris's on the cake; him as a chemist who has just blown something up, kicking as a karate Chris and a snowboarding Chris.