I had lots of fun with this cake which was for my family and my mums side of the family! It was hard because I was using my boyfriend's parents kitchen and so I wasnt as used to their kitchen, I had forgotten a lot of things and just generally trying not to get in the way of what his family were doing!

The cake was a carrot cake. Because it is my boyfriends favourite, I have been making this more and more although grating carrots is not the most exciting of tasks hehe!
I had seen a lot of penguin cakes and thought that they were so cute so I set about making penguins and baking. Here is the end result;
I think this is the more detailed cake that I have done before but I think it came together very nicely! The trees I had done before on Chris's 22nd birthday cake so I was able to do them a wee bit easier- I just added icing sugar for snow and stuck on edible glitter balls as decoration! The snowballs were obviously the easiest to do but i thought they were sooooo cute!
The penguin with the snowball in his hand was going to the evil penguin from 'Wallace and Gromit' but I decided this after making it so if I could change it I would make him thinner and the glove on his head would be yellow instead, but I will learn from it! It was supposed to be christmas lights around the igloo just for a bit of fun. My absolute FAVOURITE party of this cake has to be the wee bum from the penguin getting stuck in the igloo, I was most excited to do that part I have to admit hehe! And yes, penguins regularly ski down igloos =D Obviously the main thing that I would change would be the writing but at 1 in the morning I was getting shaky haha! And maybe I would have wanting it to be a bit bigger, width wise so that I could have spread out the presents and added more details! Although I would have been happy just continuing making details!