So for the previous yeah or so I have been getting into adding Murder Mystery games to my dinner parties. Although I have been 'doing' dinner parties for over 2 years, I have found that adding murder mysteries is a wee fun element in it! I would highly recommend them even if just to see your friends 'acting' with silly accents! =D

Therefore I wanted to incorporate both of these aspects into the one cake. How else than a two tiered cake, the bottom with fondant accents around the base of general halloween images although I didn't get photos that were focused on the bottom tiered too much =/. The top tier was a pumpkin which I carved into the shape which had been stabbed but an axe. I decided that a pumpkin would have orangy 'blood' and although it is not as clear to see as i had wanted, I dyed some butter cream orange and had it so that it was coming out of the 'wound' and dripping down the cake. There was also a magnifying glass made and a question mark to show the mystery side of the cake. I had made this out of Rice Krispie Treats but because I had  frozen in with the buttercream to keep a shape as I was running out of time, by the time I put fondant on it and set it up, it was starting to melt.  Chris (ever so lovingly) helped me out with some of the accents and the pumpkin face and top bitty so I cant be credited for everything!

I think that this cake was a vanilla and I believe maybe it was just a raspberry jam with buttercream and then as usual Marshmallow Fondant.

Later on in the night I just stuck a kitchen knife in the pumpkin instead. I had also learned on this cake, by Chris hehe, to put a border around the bottom of all the tiers as I haven't managed to get to the stage of cutting the fondant at the bottom as neatly as it should be. I thought that the orange border contrasting with the purple background worked quite well though! =D

After we had started carving the cake.... I just couldn't handle cutting the face, Chris had done a good job to make it look sad! I really found that making this cake was a lot of fun and all the details put in was worth the effort I think! =D