So this coupon book I made for my boyfriend for his Easter present. If you are not sure as to what to buy someone for a gift then this is a thoughtful and nice idea! When I was look for ideas for mine, there was a lot of people who had made them for parents as well.

I did this at work and I used a template for the label shape, lots of colourful paper, some stick on letters an Easter ribbon which I though was super cute and glitter glue. I do love glitter glues!
I looked online for different ideas because I think I made 20 in total but I guess some of the most common ones were 'massages', '3 course dinners', 'his choice of date night' and 'movie night of his choice'. I think the best ones though are ones that you have thought about that he would specifically like. My fella loves going out biking and he is always wishing I could go out with him. Because I have no time with my current job with working long hours it is kind of difficult but I added in a 'biking session' coupon! And obviously I looovvvvveeee making deserts so I made another coupon for 'choose any desert you want me to make you' :)
There is a lot of different styles of coupons that I have seen so you can have a lot of fun making them, I chose this shape just because I liked the idea of having coupons that looked like labels :)
The ribbon looks a lil strange here but I just used a hole punch to make holes in 2 parts of the edge and put the ribbon through and tied it in a bow :)