I have found something a bit creative and crafty that I really enjoy doing!! Totally crossed that off of my list!! So I really like sending cards and recently I got introduced to making cards by the queen of craftyness herself- Miss Jasmine at trashyelegance.blogspot.co.uk

I was totally unsure about what I wanted to do but eventuallllllllly I settled on the ‘bee mine’ theme and I did matching cupcakes here!

I covered a blank card with the blue paper, cut out some shapes of clouds using some funky scissors which cut out in wiggly lines (one of the clouds I made into a heart shape…cheesy-yes!), used some glitter stuck on letters for the message and I stole some of Jasmine’s cool bee ribbon. To add in the ribbon use a pen knife to cut 2 slits which the ribbon will be able to go through and then tie it in a bow at one end.  I guess if you didn’t want to put a bow on the ribbon then you could try and cut out the right amount of ribbon and instead of tying it, stick it to the card and the inside of the card instead. I don’t know how well this would work though and anyway, bows are much prettier =) The letters were a little wonky because I was using different styles but obviously I meant to do that =P
I actually had a lot of help for this card from Jasmine- pretty much everything crafty I am the worst at but overall I really like this card and so did the boyfriend =D