I attempted to make another type of pie a couple weeks ago. I decided on lemon meringue because I was going to give a couple to Jasmine who was in the last couple days of her dissertation and yummy things at that stage is usually always helpful! Anyway, she loves lemon and when I mentioned this flavour to the boyfriend he also seemed to like that idea!

So this was from a set of 2 recipe books that I got from Christmas and both were on mini desserts and pies- how cute!!

The base was a biscuit base which you would make for a cheesecake and that is always my favourite part of a cheesecake so I was really excited! With this one you have to bake the base- I usually only refrigerate mines when I make a cheesecake or a banoffi pie so I was excited to try out this. I did end up putting wayyyy more in each base than I was supposed too because I was scared that they would fall apart if they would be too thin- that and I totally looooooovvvveeee the biscuit base =D

The lemon curd was quite fun to make as well and very tart so very nice if you love lemon! All this was topped off with a big dollop of meringue and since I love meringue this was also my favourite part =D Because I totally messed up one part of the lemon curd just by mixing the wrong thing....what a silly moment!...it took a bit longer than I had hoped for but still it turned out well :)