So a couple of weeks ago I made some cake pops and took them into an office that I work at a couple days a week. I made pretty standard ones with chocolate cake, cream cheese butter cream and covered in white chocolate. One of the guys who works there ended up asking me to make a batch for him and his family and so here they are!
All wrapped up and packed ready to be delivered!
He actually asked for them to be just plain and since they were for his kids I thought that I would cover them just in milk chocolate! I took some photos whilst I was making them so I could do a bit of a 'how to' on how to make them =)

Cake crumbs with the buttercream mixed in
You can either make the cake yourself or if you want to save some time then just buy a ready made cake. Next, make the cake into a big bowl of cake crumbs! I usually do this with a fork and mash it all up but I know that a food processor would be much faster and you could get much finer crumbs.

For the buttercream again you can make your own or feel free to just buy it already made. I don't actually measure out how much buttercream to cake I use so what you want is to make sure you put in enough to cover the cake and bind it together, but add it a bit at a time but too much will make the cake too moist and heavy to stay in one bit on the stick.

I usually use about a tablespoon of the cake mixture and you want to roll it about in the hand in order to get the shape that you want- obviously the standard would be a circle! In order for the cake ball to stay on the stick easier, melt a little of the chocolate first and then dip one end of the stick into the chocolate and then push it into the centre of the ball. Usually I put the stick about half way/ 3/4s of the way into the cake. I bought a couple of the cake pop stands so I normally put these in there whilst making the others just so they stay up right. If you don't want to buy a cake pop stand then you could get a cereal box and pop some holes in one side of the box that will fit the sticks in.

Obviously I made this happen for
educational purposes to show
what a fail cake pop looks like!
In the fridge, just chilling!
You can either pop these in the fridge for a couple of hours or the freezer for about 10-15 mins until the cake pops get hard- this just makes it easier to dip them into the chocolate.

Next, covering in chocolate! I melt my chocolate usually in a mug, because it is narrower than a bowl and with taller sides because it is easier to dip the cake pops in and out and being able to cover it all. When you melt the chocolate add a bit of oil, a little at a time. This helps to thin out the chocolate which means it is easier for the excess chocolate to drip off the cake and gives it a bit of a nicer shine. I used sunflower oil for these.
Keep in mind when dipping them that you should cover all of the cake and even cover the top part of the stick so that there are no gaps. I have found that if you leave a little of a gap then some of the oil/liquid from the chocolate or buttercream tends to come through a little. While this is really not so much a problem, it doesn't look as pretty! Once most of the chocolate has dripped off, put the cake pop back in the stand and wait until dry. If the chocolate is too thin then you can put on another layer if need be.
When I make these for friends or family, I usually just pop them in a box just as is but since it was a commissioned order, I bought some of the cellophane wrappers with ties, just to make them a little more professional!
Let me know if you guys have made these before and any other tips that you have!