I made these when I was meeting my boyfriend’s sister for the first time and I wanted to make something yummy to take with me! At least then she might enjoy my baking if she didn’t like me =P 


 I wanted to try and make cake pops, just without the sticks, to see if that was possible because I was concerned about how to get a smooth finish on the chocolate if they had to dry on a baking sheet. I made a chocolate cake with a cream cheese icing. This combo in cake pop form seems to be a favourite as everyone seems to really like it!

I decided on a marble finish to it just because I wanted something funky looking that I could try that I hadn’t done before. I found a couple different photos of other peoples marble cake pops so I gave it ago. It is pretty easy!


Make the cake pops in the standard way by crumbling a cake up and then mix through some buttercream so it binds it together.  Take about a tablespoon of the cake mix and shape it into a ball. Pop them on a baking try and pop them in the freezer so that they harden up- usually takes about 10-15 mins. While that is happening, melt the chocolate. I used white chocolate but in 2 different mugs- one just plain and the other with blue food colouring in it. I usually add a bit of oil to my chocolate so that it goes a bit thinner and it is easier to cover the cake pops. Since I didn’t put these on sticks I used a fork to lower the cake pops into the chocolate and while the first chocolate colour is running off of the cake I then drizzled on the second type of chocolate. Move the cake pop around so that it creates different shapes and lines and it should start drying quite soon. Then pop them back on the baking tray and leave until they are dry!

I didn’t like that they ‘smudged’ a lot when they came off the fork and were put on the baking tray so I am going to have to figure out how to stop that from happening- any tips then that would be much appreciated =D