I think I am addicted to making cards now! =D This card I actually made at work- I just took in a whole load of different crafty things and between doing actual work I just tried to make this card. I actually had no idea what I was going to do with this card until I had started making it but apparently that is just how my brain works =P
It was an Easter card for my boyfriend and as well as this I made him a wee coupon book which I will probably post about next!
So I wanted to base it around the phrase ‘some bunny loves you’ just because I love cheesiness and I thought it was ridiculously cute! I chose a blank green card and used that as a border because I wanted a yellow background since it was Easter. The ‘grass’ was made using card of a similar colour as the border and everything on the card apart from the letters were stuck on with double sided tape. Since I was at work and didn’t have many resources for the card, I looked up an outline for a rabbit, copied it and cut it out with white paper. The ears, nose and mouth was accented with pink glitter glue and the eyes with gold glitter glue. The eggs were just cut out with pink paper and I added silver glitter glue for decorated Easter eggs =) I totally had to improvise with the letters as I kept running out of different styles but somehow I managed to fix some of the missing letters!

Again, this card was pretty basic but I liked it, and the guy that I was working with seemed to think it was nice- even if he was a bit more pinicky about the letters! Haha =)

Let me know if you guys have made any cards- I would love to see other people’s homemade cards! =D