This was possibly one of the coolest things that I did this summer! I absolutely love watching Ace of Cakes and Cake Boss and since I was staying with a host in New Jersey we went one morning to visit where the magic happens! Since I stayed in New Jersey for a few days I managed to complete one of my list- to visit 3 new states in America!

Since the host, Rio, had a driver’s license from Hoboken New York we got to skip the general line! When we went there was a line of about over 50 people waiting outside and when we went in there was quite a lot of people already in there. Overall it was a nice experience but unfortunately we did not see any of the cast which was very sad! =(  

I was nice to see all of the photos of the cast and the family along the walls and of course there was a lot of memorabilia since this show has gotten very popular!

 I got to see the display cakes so that I could see the level that they had and hopefully get inspired so one day my cakes will be displayed!

 I bought 4 of their cannolis and 4 lobster tails which I shared with my host! They were sooooo yummy! Very creamy and crispy and I loved them! Something that I wish that I could eat every morning =P