So, carrying on from my last post this is my vegan dessert! I also copied it from the same blog as the enchiladas. If you are looking for super healthy vegan recipes then definitely a blog to check out!
So the recipe I used was baked apples with pecans and oatmeal with maple syrup:

This isn't my usual type of dessert but I thought I would give it a try. To be honest it is one that heated up in the morning would make a super awesome breakfast! I used red royal gala apples which held up well in the oven. I heard quite a lot of stories of apples going mushy in the oven so if you are thinking of baking apples then check out what apples are best first!

The hardest part of this recipe to be honest is the coring of the apples-I don't have a corer so I had to just use a paring knife, just be careful when you do this!

Apart from the coring all you have to do is mix everything but the apples in a bowl:

Pretty gross to look at but it does taste good! 

After this put the apples in a lightly greased baking tray and pack in the mixture into the apples as much as you can- You will have quite a bit extra left so just pour it around the apples.

 Again, not the most appealing for a photo!
And once they come out the oven, the apples should still have a bit of a crunch to them, the oats will be cooked and all the milk will be soaked up!
If you guys have any vegan desserts that you would like to share then feel free as it would be nice to know how to do yummy desserts that are completely vegan!