So for my Christmas dinner this year I just had my best friend and her boyfriend over for an evening in. Since he is vegan I decided to do a vegetarian main and dessert. I have never thought much about eating vegan or even vegetarian all of the time so it was something to think about while I was planning on what to make. I ended up making sweet potato enchiladas and I will put my dessert on my next post! The recipe was inspired by a blog which is pretty popular by a lady called Angela who writes vegan recipes and on living healthily and running marathons! Here is a link to her blog:
So the recipe I based mines on was from this link:

I made it using everything but the yeast, cumin, garlic powder or chilli powder but added coriander, garlic paste, tomato paste and I added extra peppers. Depending on what you have in your spices cupboard and the vege you have in the house the recipe can be very versatile! Here is everything cooking before being put into the wraps:

Once I got everything ready to be wrapped I ended up making a complete mess of things- apparantly I am not very neat at making wraps! Luckily once you cover the wraps in more of the sauce and some spring onions you don't notice the messyness!

We had this with the avocado cream sauce-a little bit like guacamole! If I were a vegan, a good guacamole would definitely be what I would live off of! Anyway let me know of any other vegan recipes that you guys have tried- I would like to see what other vegans eat even if I couldn't be a vegan forever!