At the end of October I finally got my first paid cake job! My mum’s boss was celebrating her company’s 15th year and they asked me to do the cake which of course I was so excited to do! I was left to my own ideas about what to do with the cake but my mum gave me some ideas to go with which would relate to the company. The company is a counseling company so my mum thought it would be fun to incorporate different faces of emotion in it so I decided that I would try cake pops for the first time!

I made the cake pops a couple of times prior to the event just so that I could get a feel for how to make them and how to decorate them but this was the first time making them so I actually managed to cross two things off of my list! As well as the cake pops I made a cake to go along with it with the company’s logo on it, the leaf. I decorated the cake pops and the cake with food colouring.
Normally I would use vodka with this to dip the brush into and this will help to dry the colouring faster and the vodka will evaporate however since I didn’t have any at the time because I made this at my mum’s house instead of mine, it was a lot harder to dry but a night in the fridge did solve that!.
So, the cake pops were made out of chocolate cake, mixed with a cream cheese vanilla buttercream and dipped in white chocolate. Then the actual cake I made was a lot plainer- a vanilla cake with a vanilla cream cheese buttercream again and covered with some marshmallow fondant.

Me with my mum's boss!
Overall I was pretty happy with these cakes. There were some things that I wish I was better at doing as I am not too artistic the faces could have been better and my fondant I had some problems with! But the client did like it and I even got my photo in the local paper! =D

My mum is on the right and the 2 other ladies and man are her work mates!