This cake was made for my best friend's work mate and she wanted a Tim Burton themed cake focusing on The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Corpse Bride and Alice in Wonderland! I was super exited to do this cake!

The cake itself was 4 layers- 2 chocolate and 2 vanilla with raspberry jam and a vanilla buttercream. I was very sad as I had to carry the cake to her party and by the time I had gotten there the cake managed to shift, so the Happy Birthday was all smooshed- ah well! I will one day beat gravity!

After putting the cake on the cake board I decided to turn it into a 'mad hatter' cake;

I made the fondant accents to look like the swirl mountains out of the Nightmare Before Christmas. All the fondant is as usual Marshmallow Fondant.

Some of the photos are a wee bit blurry but hopefully you will be able to make out the chocolate part, made to look like gravel and tree branches as I wanted to express the scene from the corpse bride where the rind is put on the finger/branch. I did dust the 'ring' with gold dust although I am not too sure if it gave it a good effect or not.
All of the gravel and branches were actually made out of modelling chocolate but I am not too sure how I feel about it- I may do a new post on it.

This is the maggot from the Corpse Bride's eye and the top of some colourful mushrooms were added to show Alice in Wonderland.

Originally I had wanted to do a shadow of either Jack Skeleton or of the Oggie Boogie man from the Nightmare before Christmas but I ended up doing the Cheshire Cat :) You can also see the front view of Zero, but that was last minute added to I didn't spend as much time making him.

And the Pumpkin King himself, Jack. Half of his legs are actually stuck into the cake for added support but it did mean that the effect of his legs being so long wasn't there. I did enjoy making the wee pumpkins though!

And lastly I wanted to add in butterflys as they were so prminant in the Corpse Bride- first at hte start and also when the bride turns into butterflys in the end, plus it meant that I could use a butterfly cutter! I dusted the wings with silver dust as well to give it some colour!

I think (and hope!) that it was well received and I very much enjoyed making this cake!