For this mother's day I pretty much did the same as last year. Since I work on Sundays, I decided to go home on Monday armed with a cake for my mum. It was supposed to be a surprise but I ended up telling her, though this was mainly because I wanted to check that she would be in the house so I wouldn't have to wait outside!

I did have trouble with coming up with a cake that I wanted to do but after a wee look at I came up with what I wanted to do; a bouquet of flowers;

The cake was a vanilla cake with white chocolate in it, one from my 'Cake Bible' book. I did a chocolate buttercream for in between the layer and under the fondant and also added fresh slices of strawberries in between the layers. Who doesn't love strawberries with chocolate?! I do wish that I had added extra strawberries but I shall hopefully remember that for next time.

I actually started this cake on Friday.
Friday I made up the Marshmallow fondant.
Saturday I made a start to the flowers. The main ones are supposed to be carnations, hopefully they look something like them! I spent ages just trying to get it perfect so I actually only did 4 on Saturday but it wasn't so boring as I was watching Black Books as well.
(If you have't seen this TV show I would recommend it- it stars Dylan Moran, Bill Bailey and Tamsin Greig)
Sunday, after 2 12 hours shift I got to work! I have one of the giant cupcake pans which helped to create the rounded top without having to carve it.

I do wish that I had done more of the carnations so that there were less spaces and I realllllllly want to be able to get properly smooth sides on my cakes! I know that this time it was because of my buttercream; although it did taste fine, the consistency was a bit weird and it dried very quickly so I didn't have time to smooth it all out, hence the bumpyness!

But I did like the cake as I hadn't ever really attempted flowers before. I am definitely going to make more fondant flowers as decorations! And if anyone has seen any good flower tutorials then it would be greatly appreciated! =D

Anyway my mum, one of my sister's and my brother liked the cake so was a successful mothers day!

Did you guys do something for your mums? I hope that they had a wonderful day because of it!