So me and Chris had out first 'date night' in a while because he surprised me with Dirty Dancing tickets! Yup, I was blown away and super excited!

Us being the silly sausages that we are did manage to get the dates wrong on out first attempt to see it and we ended up turning up a week earlier than it was supposed to be. Awkward when you try and tell two old ladies that they have stolen your seats!

Fast forward to a week later and we got dolled up ready for a lovely evening. We actually just went for a pub dinner as we were running late as usual! We both had scampi and then for deserts Chris had a chocolate fudge cake and I had waffles with ice cream and wee chocolate bits, heavenly though not so good for looking good in a dress =P I don't have any photos as I didn't want to just whip out my camera when the food arrived, still too shy to be a food blogger!

Dirty Dancing was absolutely fabulous! I think that it is in Aberdeen until the end of March and would highly recommend it! Chris also thought it was amazing and I don't think just because there was a lots of hip swaying and half nakedness from the ladies =P I did end up tearing up a wee bit at the line "No one puts baby in the corner" but who doesn't?!

We ended the night going out for a few drinks and meeting Chris's karate buddy as it was his birthday and we ended up in a club which I hadn't been to before, drinking, dancing and then heading home. All in all an awesome date!