Don't worry, I am not going vegetarian properly! I would definitely not suit that at all- I love steak wayyy too much ;)

But one of my things on my list is to cook more vegetarian meals. Although I have been doing this at least once a week, its been pretty standard foods that I don't think is worth blogging about- most people know about omelettes!

A while ago however I found some quorn mince in the back of my freezer and decided to use it up with some vegetables that needed to be used. So a sort-of-but-not-really chilli was made.

I browned off the quorn with garlic and added carrots, celery, canned tomatoes, tomato puree, mushrooms, spinach and sweetcorn!
Yes, very colourful! You can add whatever you have in your kitchen pretty much!

After adding some seasoning-again you can be pretty adventurous with the seasonings as well- I ate it with some rice and it was not bad!

It was only because I had the quorn in the freezer that I used it but I don't know if I would buy it that often- I have tried the quorn sausages and the mince does taste a wee bit better than them, but I think that it was mixed in with other foods.
If I were to make this again I would add it kidney beans and chickpeas instead of the mince. Although you can obviously add other beans, these are my favourites! Plus very easy to make when super busy!

I am looking for more vegetarian meals just to try and bit a wee bit cheaper and healthier so what would you guys recommend?