So its been a ridiculously long time since I have blogged, very sad indeed! With a mix of being super busy and my laptop being away for the last month to get repaired I have not gotten many chances to sit down and blog. But I have made a lot of things since my last post so I will be updating you all on my baking adventures =D

 I have actually completed one of my 101 in 1001 to dos! No 81 Apply for the Great British Bake Off

I totally did put in an application! But I don't think that I got in because I got no response- very sad! My goal of getting Paul Hollywood to fall in love with me and bake me bread everyday has fallen through so I might have to rethink my life plan!

I have also just realized that I have also managed to complete number 27- Get more than £2000 in my savings account! This actually took me a lot longer than I had expected just because once I came back from the states I had to take out from my savings money for a deposit and rent for a flat. But finally this has been completed!

Not much else has been going on with me however but my next couple of posts should be coming up soon =D

In other news I have been 22 for the past month and a half and so far I have not felt all that much grown up! However for me and my best friend Jasmine's birthday we did have a lovely spa afternoon so I can tick off having a spa day at number 51!

We ended up going to the Zen Spa in Aberdeen. Now since I have never been to a spa before in my life I have nothing to compare it with but I had a nice time actually! We ended up getting one of the new year promotions that was going on and perhaps I wouldn't have paid the full price for it but we ended up getting a full body exfoliation, a body wrap, a miniature facial and a quick manicure! I don't have any pictures from it mainly because it really wasn't a time to say cheese and I was super relaxed that I didn't really want to move at all! My body was actually sooooo smooth and relaxed afterwards!

If anyone has any spa recommendations in Aberdeen then that would be fabulous or even their favourite treatment- I definitely think that I would like to go for a spa day again and would love to hear people's recommendations =D