These I made back in January just on a whim- I don’t remember the last time that I had made pastry before then so I decided to give them a go!
There was actually 4 different parts to these tarts- The pastry, the spiced apple pieces, the custard and the oaty crumble that you can sprinkle on top to give it a bit of a crunch!
I got this recipe from Lily Vanilli’s Sweet Tooth recipe book which I got as a Christmas gift and before then I had never actually heard of her. Her recipes seem quite modern and interesting and if I am ever in London again then I would perhaps go to her bakery for a wee taste =)
So, anyway, I really liked this recipe and I wouldn’t mind practising it again so I could get it perfect. For a winter’s treat it is very nice with the spiced apples but I am sure that you can substitute this for berries if you wanted something more summery! 

This apple mixture was spiced with brown sugar, butter, cinnamon and nutmeg although it was recommended to use star anise as well but I didn’t have any in the house.  
I was a little bit concerned about the custard; I think that I had made it once before but I had forgotten how it had turned out but I was really impressed with her recipe and it managed to turn out consistent, smooth and yummy!

All in all I liked these- a bit stressful getting all the components ready all at once and I need some more practise making pastry so hopefully there will be some pastry posts coming up in the future!