This was of course made before Christmas but as usual my posts are late! i wanted to go for a 'Santa stuck in the Chimney' theme but I managed to leave Santa's legs til the end of the time I had and ended up running out of time so the legs and feet are not so pretty =P

The bottom layer was carrot cake with a cream cheese frosting and covered in marshmallow fondant and the top layer was a chocolate cake filled and covered with chocolate ganache- a chocolate heaven!

The wee snowmen and Christmas trees I made a couple of days before and they were made out of marshmallow fondant. I didn't actually have any cutters that would have helped so instead I just used a fondant embellisher for an outline and then cut them out with a small sharp knife. The little stars were made with a plunger cut out for stars which is a very handy tool =) And I used liquid gels to paint on the wee details and let them dry overnight.

 I was really happy with how smooth the ganache went on to the cake and what a professional look it gave to the cake. I am pretty sure that i might have tried to use ganache before but wasn't as convinced but now I honestly want to use ganache for everything! If only you could make it in a fat free way! I decided to make a brick effect since it was to be a chimney which obviously means you cant see how smooth it is but next time =P

I do wish that the carrot cake had the height of the chocolate cake but I forgot how dense carrot cake is! then the proportions of the cake would have been better for the idea of the cake I think. But I guess too much chocolate cake can never be a bad thing!