So for my flatmates birthday this year I was very busy during the weekend of his birthday with 2 ceilighs in the space of 2 days, very tiring! Therefore I was super rushed with these cakes!

Since he has been into making cocktails and into music I wanted to incorporate them into his cake. I saw some really ace cocktail cupcakes so I got some straws and cocktail umbrellas to try and make them into cocktails. I ended up losing my piping bags so I just put on the icing in a basic way and didn't have time to make all of the fondant toppers but I did make a couple of fondant limes!

I only made 9 cupcakes because I had made a square cake as well. I decided to do a plain design but with the music to happy birthday around the sides of the cake:


Birthday to You...Happy

Birthday To You...Happy Birthday To Youuu..
Happy Birthday To You!


 As a wee extra surprise I decided to make the cake batter tie dye using 5 different colours, although the red and the pink did turn out similar. I forgot to take pictures of the batter before putting the cakes in the oven but this is how they turned out:

Excuse the crumbs!

I didn't get a picture of the cake when it was cut but here's how the cupcakes turned out:

This one turned out a little bit fuzzy but you get the idea!

Doing tie dye in a cake is really fun and looks super awesome once you cut into the cake! I just poured the batter in different corners and the centre of the baking tin, got a spatula and swirled it around a wee bit to make a pattern =) Since the cupcakes are a lot smaller, just layer the different colours of batter in the cupcake liners!